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With 2019 right-around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what we would like to achieve in the coming year. Many have goals pertaining to finances, whether it's to save for retirement or a large purchase, build wealth through investment or reduce debt.

Create financial goals you're sure to achieve

When we set goals, it is always with high expectations and good intent. However, a few months into the year, after the initial motivation is gone, many will struggle to stay on track. What we are missing is a solid plan of action to guide and motivate us so we stay on the path to achieving our goals.

Here are ways to keep you on track:

1. Identify what you want. We often don't reach our goals because they are not what we want, but what

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Retirement Catch Up: Get your retirement savings back on track.

Pay yourself first. The key to building wealth is keeping a portion of what you earn. Set automatic transfer of a portion of your paycheque into a savings account, From there, you can choose to contribute a portion of your savings into a retirement account, such as a Tax Free Savings Account (TSFA) and/or a Registered Retirement Savings Plan.(RRSP)

If you choose to contribute to a TFSA, you can contribute up to $5500 per year; keep in mind, the total contribution amount rolls over each year so you may be able to contribute more. If you're just opening  the account, you can contribute up to $57000. There's a one percent per month over-contribution penalty; if you over-contributed more

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Conventional wisdom suggests we should save about 10 to 12 times our current income, however, many people approach retirement having saved much less. So how much is enough? The amount of money you should have saved before you retire depends on many personal factors and considerations including

Your Lifestyle: If you live well within your means and have prudently saved for retirement, you may not need to adjust your lifestyle much it is better to have the choice to downsize your lifestyle and spending habits than it is to be forced to due to lack of adequate planning.

Your Retirement Plans: Although it's wise for both you and your spouse/partner to save for retirement., there are other considerations that may impact your total savings target: At what

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Strategically reducing or paying off debt benefits your finances tremendously, but can positively impact other areas of your life as well. One possible benefit is 1. Reduce stress. Finances are . top source of stress for many Canadians. When you make the commitment to pay off your debt, you're also making a commitment to your overall health and well-being by minimizing a large cause of stress. 2. Improve your credit score. Although credit cards and lines of credit may help establish your score, maintaining low balances positively impacts it overall. Additionally, if you plan to finance a large purchase, such as a car or home, keeping your outstanding balances low may classify you as a lower credit risk and qualify you for reduced interest rates. 3. Easily

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According to the source Becoming Minimalist The average person will spend a total of 3680 hours, or 153 days of their life, searching for misplaced items. Whether you are moving or just want to save time and space there is an easy five bin approach that may simplify your living environment.

The 5 Bin approach

Bin 1: Items that need to be put away. Place items that belong somewhere else in the home in this bin. Your intention should be once you have finished the area you are clearing you will put the items in the bin in their dedicated spots.

Bin 2: Items to be fixed. Place items that you plan to fix or that need to be washed or cleaned(toys, dirty clothes, or scuffed shoes)

Bin 3: Items to donate. items in this bin are in good condition, but

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Here are some general guidelines to help you if you are planning major renovations, or if you are hiring a tradesperson or service professional to tackle any project around the home.

1. Get Referrals. Family, friends, and neighbours can give names of trades professionals they have used and make a list of companies that service your area.

2. Get in touch. Once you have made a list, call them and ask about the types of projects they specialize in. Ask how many other projects they are managing at the moment, so that it can give you an idea on whether it will impact when they could begin working for you if you choose them.

3. Research your options. Contact Consumer Protection Agency to check the reputation of the companies on your list. Check on-line

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A few more things you can consider to boost the curb appeal of your home.

Pay attention to the details.

The door hardware and handles, light fixtures, and the house number. Something as simple as polishing the hardware or maybe replacing the style with something that complements the home. Purchase new numbers with the same finish as your hardware choice or purchase an address plaque to affix to your home or place in the yard. Update the style of your exterior lighting (look for same mounting systems as current). Add more lighting to increase the safety of your entryway perhaps an overhead fixture or wall sconces.

Nurture your landscape.

Mow the lawn regularly, mulch and weed the garden beds and prune any overgrown shrubs. Adding seed or sod

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If you are thinking of selling your property, it is important to update and maintain your home regularly. 

1. Wash the exterior. Over the years, dirt, grime and cobwebs can collect on your homes exterior. A pressure wash can remove this build up and give your home a fresh look. Washing the windows inside and out, cleaning out the gutters, downspouts and all doors including garage doors can give a surprising effect.

2. Paint. Update your home with a coat or two of paint in the same colour or choose a new shade. If you'd like to paint it the same colour, scrape a small swatch and bring it to the paint store to match it. Also paint the door, trim and shutters in a shade that complements the rest of your home. Remember to prep the surface area before

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Barnes Farm Estates is a community of homes located in the small rural town of Mount Pleasant. The name comes from each estate property on spacious lots on Barnes Farm Road.

Steps away from shops and restaurants, the “Rail Trail” and Mt. Pleasant ponds, these luxury estate homes are in a neighbourhood sought after by many. One view through the large bay windows and you will see why these estate homes sell themselves.

With unique and open floor plans, you will have no problem entertaining guests in your home and make it the place for epic gatherings to be held. All kitchens have large customized cabinets that reach the ceiling, and an island in the center of the room, allowing for many hours of taste testing and late night stories to be told. Each

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Valley EstatesValley Estates is an elegant, luxurious estate community located on the far side of Mount Pleasant Road in Brantford. It a neighbourhood that is exquisite and upscale, with each of the 84 homes centred on a lot that spanning three-quarters of an acre.

Decorated with the finest interior, these homes are available for anyone, whether wanting to raise a family or just wanting to enjoy life. Each home is equipped with a fireplace in the spacious living room, and a top-quality kitchen furnished with a double-door refrigerator and a microwave installed in the wall.

The subdivision is close to the Trans-Canada Trail, and also has a park inside the property for homeowners and families to enjoy. Regardless of the time of year, there is always something for

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